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Packing & Unpacking Service
With our end-to-end packing and unpacking services, you won’t have to lift a finger during your move.
Disassembly & Reassembly Service
Taking apart bed frames and Ikea furniture can be a pain, let us do it for you.
Fully Licensed & Insured
We have a clean interstate moving file as we work hard to ensure each client is handled with great care.
Professional & Friendly Movers
We bring professional moving services to the table with our polite and knowledgeable movers.
Affordable & Fair Prices
We have only reasonable prices at Spartan Moving Company.
Customer Care Service
Our managers more then happy to help you with any questions you have.

Moving is a rather infrequent occurrence. Even if you find yourself moving every year, you may tolerate poor service for a day or two, as long as your stuff is moved, you can forget about it for the next 363 days. This is why an impersonal company can thrive. They create low-expectations; and, they reap rewards lazy work.

Movers in Santa Monica

Santa Monica is arguably one of the most special places in the world. Of course, the beautiful climate is where most people would start in praising this city; but, we know where the real mysticism comes from — the people. We love working with the members of this community and are shell-shocked when we hear horror stories about how other moving companies treat Santa Monica movers.

From impersonal and non-transparent service, to unapologetic arrogance when items are broken or go missing during a move, we know not every company is the same. All too often, moving companies from across the country sneak into fast-paced environments and squeeze a few bucks out of people in a pinch, needing to quick move. In the end, these unsuspecting customers are left wondering why a company would treat them so poorly.

At Spartan Moving, we believe the Santa Monica residents deserve a service that matches their needs and gives the same attention they would give their items if they were to make the move themselves.

Movers in Santa Monica
Santa Monica moving Company


We have been moving Santa Monica for 7 years and we know the people and city as deeply as we know our craft. We’ve climbed the California Incline, puttered along the I-10 freeway, and sprinted down the Moomat Ahiko Way (well before it was refurbished) hundreds of times. There is no street we haven’t traveled and no house, apartment complex, or bungalow we haven’t maneuvered through.

There’s no reason to risk using movers you have mixed feelings about — unsure how you’ll be treated, unable to identify exactly what you’ll be paying, and weary of the company’s motives. Instead, give Spartan Moving a call to address all of your moving needs, and you’ll be confident knowing you’re in good hands.

What clients say

Review on moving Company
Erica G.
Culver City, CA
122 friends
12 reviews

Wow what a fantastic moving service! Roman and Artem were quick but careful with everything I owned. They packaged all of my delicate furniture well and efficiently. They moved my entire bedroom and living room in less than 3 hours! I would highly recommend this service to anyone moving!! Also, purchase directly through their website! They have great deals.

Spartan Review Yelp
Elena K.
Santa Monica, CA
0 friends
10 reviews

It was great experience with this company! I moved a month ago to my new apartment. These guys were fast and easy to communicate with. Punctual and fast workers! Thank you for making moving process stress-free!

Best moving company review
Kathleen L.
Los Angeles, CA
331 friends
92 reviews

They worked quickly and diligently, packing up my clothes in wardrobe boxes, wrapping furniture, etc. I hadn't done any packing before their arrival, and they were generous with boxes and packaging tape. They even have wardrobe boxes so clothes don't have to get kerfuffled. I'd definitely recommend them.

Review on movers
Elle C.
Century City, CA
380 friends
346 reviews

They worked continuously and everything was done in 6 hours. Transport and road time is separate from moving time but they were careful and that makes me feel better. They even took the time to touch up dings and scratches at the end. Would I use them again? Absolutely!

Spartan in LA review
J T.
Los Angeles, CA
82 friends
91 reviews

Omg! Nicolas and his crew were AMAZING!!!! They moved a mountainous amount of things with no problem and within the time i asked them to stay within. They were polite and professional...none of my items were mistreated and i could not be happier with their service!

Gloria E.
Los Angeles, CA
80 friends
108 reviews

Igor, Ivan and Ali were the best I could have asked for! They did a great job of moving me to my new place! Highly recommend them. No extra charges, no overages and no damage to any of my furniture. Great moving company will def use them again for any future moves.

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