Residential Moving

Residential & Local Moving

What is the most stressful part of an adult life when you have finally earned enough for a new house? Have you thought about residential moving? Then you are absolutely right, it is the most stressful thing indeed. It is even more stressful than a divorce or a job loss – ask people who have experience of moving, divorcing and losing a job and they will tell you the right answer.

It is incredibly difficult to move both large and small household. There are lots of things to care about and to keep in mind. Finally, you need all your belongings to be delivered timely and safely.
Of course, you may ask your friends to help with local moving and they will probably agree, but does it make any sense if you could contact us? We are Spartan Movers and we work in Los Angeles and its neighboring area.

Equipped For Everything

We have the best movers in LA, seriously. These guys are helpful and friendly; they always consider all the requirements a customer makes and can handle absolutely anything. They will transport your old piano, an expensive wardrobe, a large aquarium with the water and fish still inside. The sky is the only limit for our team!

Like many other companies providing moving services, we began several years ago with two guys in a truck, but now we have grown to a big team of dedicated professionals. Really, we love what we do. We love helping people and aid them to move to another place without any stress.

Our experience, skills and equipment allows us to deal with any kind of locations – from condominiums and apartments to detached houses. Actually, we can do everything. You don’t have to worry about antique furniture or a rare Qing vase – we will take care of them and deliver them safe and sound.

Affordable Prices And Great Service

They say it’s impossible to get high quality at an affordable price, but they are wrong. We are a company that has been working on the Los Angeles market for a while now and we know that providing great service for reasonable money is the only way to build a loyal customer database.

Everyone knows that local moving services are rather expensive in Los Angeles and in California, in general. That is why we always do our best to approach every customer individually, to be flexible and to be able to offer a solution that perfectly suits both parties.

We always consider all preferences and requirements of our clients. Contacting us, you can be rest assured that we have serious approach to our work. Our main goal is to make you feel satisfied. Maybe next time you will recommend us to your relatives or friends, who knows?

Long Distance Moving

It can be said without exaggeration that our offer for long distance residential moving is the best in LA and the area. Compare the rates yourself and you will quickly see the difference!

Attractive price is not the only advantage Spartan Movers have to offer! Our specialists are always punctual, polite and attentive. They won’t miss a single word you say and take everything into consideration.

We are never late as punctuality is one of our main priorities. Unlike many other companies, Spartan Movers never make you wait. If we take an order we fulfill it within the agreed time.

Check the testimonials left by our customers. We are incredibly proud of having such positive feedback. Let us help you move to a new place and allow yourself relax. We will do our work fast – much faster than you can get stressed!